Teaching Interests & Philosophy

I am very passionate about teaching and firmly believe that education is beneficial and important for people from all different backgrounds. There are two key issues that I am most focused on:

  1. Improving scientific literacy by improving STEM communication and education.
  2. Increasing diversity and equity in higher education so that all kinds of students have access to a high-quality, safe learning environment.

Classes TAed

Spring 2018Biology I Lab (BSC 2010L)
Summer 2018Biology Lab for Non-Majors (BSC 1005L)
Fall 2018Biology II Lab (BSC 2011L)
Spring 2019Experimental Biology Lab (BSC 3402L)
Summer 2019Biology II (BSC 2011)
Fall 2019Evolution (PCB 4674)
Spring 2020Experimental Biology Lab (BSC 3402L)
Summer 2020Biology II (BSC 2011)
Fall 2020Evolution (PCB 4674)
Spring 2021Evolution (PCB 4674)
Summer 2021Biology II (BSC 2011)
Fall 2021Biology II Laboratory (BSC 2011L)
Spring 2022Eukaryotic Diversity (BSC 3016)

Course Evaluations

Large lecture courses such as BSC 2011 (Biology II) and PCB 4674 (Evolution) do not award course evaluations to teaching assistants (TAs).