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Find diverse seminar speakers.

100 Inspiring Hispanic/Latinx Scientists in America (Termini 2020, Cell Mentor; medicine, cellular & molecular biology; Latinx / Hispanic)

500 Queer Scientists (STEM; LGBTQ+)

1,000 Inspiring Black Scientists in America (The Community of Scholars, Cell Mentor; medicine, cellular & molecular biology; Black)

AAI Minority Members (The Am. Assoc. of Immunologists; immunology; racial & ethnic minorities)

Anne’s List (Churchland et al.; neuroscience; women)

#BlackInCardio Profiles (Buffonge et al., Black in Cardio; cardiology, medicine; Black)

#BlackInChem Profiles (Swiner et al., Black In Chem; chemistry; Black)

#BlackInData Profiles (Agbakoba et al., Black In Data; scientific computing, computer science, IT; Black)

#BlackInEnto Profiles (Black In Entomology; entomology, insect collecting; Black)

#BlackInGenetics Profiles (Stutzman and Smith, Black In Genetics; genetics, medicine, cellular & molecular biology, ecology & evolutionary biology; Black)

#BlackInGeoscience Stories (Black In Geoscience; earth, ocean, & atmospheric science; Black)

#BlackInHistPres Directory (Whiters, Black In Historic Preservation; architecture, engineering, history, anthropology & archaeology; Black)

#BlackInNeuro Directory (Singleton et al., Black In Neuroscience; neuroscience, neurology; Black)

#BlackInRobotics Speakers Bureau (Howard et al., Black In Robotics; engineering, computer science, scientific computing; Black)

#BlackInSciComm Profiles (Baxter et al., Black In Science Communication; science, communications; Black)

#BlackWomenPhDs Scholar Directory (Griffin et al., Black Women PhDs; many different fields including, but not limited to, forensic psychology, management, public health, accounting, English, & religion; Black women)

Black AF in STEM List (@beaniejean_, Twitter; STEM; Black)

Black Psychology & Neuroscience PIs (Kozorovitskiy et al., Google Sheets; psychology, neuroscience; Black)

Canadian Black Scientists Network (Andrade et al., Canadian Black Scientists Network/Réseau canadien des scientifiques noirs; science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine; Black)

Computational POC/URM (Gu et al., Google Sheets; computational neuroscience, computational psychiatry; racial & ethnic minorities)

Database of Exceptional Minority Scientists (Minorities in Cancer Research, Am. Assoc. for Cancer Res.; medicine, oncology; racial & ethnic minorities)

#DisabledInSTEM Blog Series (Paparella and Branch, Disabled In STEM; biology, geoscience, medicine, psychology; disability)

Diversify Chemistry (Duffy and McNeil; chemistry; racial & ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, women; disability, veterans)

DiversifyEEB (Baucom and Duffy; ecology & evolutionary biology; racial & ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, women, disability, veterans)

DiversifyEEB Grads (Baucom and Duffy; ecology & evolutionary biology; racial & ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, women, disability, veterans)

Diversifying Economics Seminars Speakers List (Committee on the Status of Minority Groups in the Economics Profession, ShinyApps; economics; racial & ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ+)

Diversity in STEMM List (@broad_science, Twitter; STEM, medicine; disability; racial & ethnic minorities, women)

Minorities in Computational Cognitive Science (Bergmann and Guest; computational neuroscience, computational psychology; racial & ethnic minorities)

POC Also Know Stuff (Casarez Lemi et al.; political science; racial & ethnic minorities)

SACNAS Biography Project (Yslas Vélez, Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science; astronomy, physics, engineering, biology, chemistry, computer science, ecology, geoscience, mathematics, psychology; Native American/American Indian, Native Hawaiian & other Pacific Islanders, Latinx/Hispanic)

Spark Society (Watson et al.; cognitive psychology, cognitive science, linguistics, cognitive neuroscience; racial & ethnic minorities)

Speakers List (Diversity in STEM Conferences; STEM, medicine; racial & ethnic minorities)

Women Also Know Stuff (Boydstun; political science; women)

Women in Network Science List (Schwarze, Twitter; network science; women, non-binary)

Women in Neuroscience (Schrouff et al.; neuroscience; women)


Balanced Citer (Bertelero 2020, GitHub; women; racial & ethnic minorities)

cleanBib (Bertelero et al. 2021, GitHub; women; racial & ethnic minorities)

Find diverse authors (see FIND DIVERSE SEMINAR SPEAKERS).

Include a Citation Diversity Statement (Zurn et al. 2020; Cell)


Avoiding Gender Bias in Reference Writing (Commission on the Status of Women, Uni. of AZ, recommendation letters; women)

Avoiding Racial Bias in Letter of Reference Writing (Berhe and Kim, Uni. of CA Merced; recommendation letters; racial & ethnic minorities)

Bias-Free Language (Style Guide, Am. Psych. Assoc.; women, disability, low-income, racial & ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+, age)

Gender-bias Calculator (Forth and James, GitHub; recommendation letters; women)

Gendered Language in Teacher Reviews (Schmidt, Gender and Teacher Reviews; women)


Anti-Racist Corrective Action Plan (Evans, MI State Uni.; lab diversity action plan; action plan example)

Diversity Statements (The Writing Center, Uni. of NC Chapel Hill; job applications; statement guide)

Diversity and Inclusion (Department of Psychology, Miami Uni.; department statement; statement example)

Guidelines for Applicants Writing Statements (Office for Faculty Equity & Welfare, Uni. of CA Berkeley; job applications; statement guide)

How to write a diversity statement (Athey, AZ State Uni.; graduate school applications; statement guide)

Lab commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (Evans, MI State Uni.; lab statement; statement example)

Mission Statement (Department of Psychology, Uni. of VA; department statement; statement example)


Methods to produce flexible and accessible learning resources in mathematics (Cliffe, Uni. of Bath; mathematics)

Students who are Blind or have a Visual Impairment (Disability Services, Allegheny College)

Universal Design for More Inclusive Pedagogy (Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learning, The OH State Uni.)

Accessibility Checklist (Pierson and Larson, Accessible Course Design)

Accessible Course Design (Pierson and Larson)

Accessible PDFs and Scans (IT Services, Uni. of CA Santa Cruz)

Alternative Text (WebAIM)

Create and verify PDF accessibility (Adobe Acrobat User Guide, Adobe)

How do I use the Accessibility Checker in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? (Instructor Guide, Canvas)

Making Learning Inclusive with Universal Design (Crow, FL State Uni.)


Asian Mental Health Collective (Mental health literacy, therapy; Asian)

Black Emotional and Mental Health (BEAM) Collective (Yoga teachers, artists, therapists, religious leaders, lawyers, teachers, psychologists, and activists / advocates; Black)

Black Girls Smile (Therapy, health education, book clubs, mental health literacy; Black women)

Black Men Heal (Individual and group therapy; Black men)

Black Mental Health Alliance (Community assistance, health education, mental health literacy, professional development; Black)

Black Mental Wellness (Professional development, mental health literacy; Black)

Coalition for Immigrant Mental Health (CIMH) (Mental health literacy, therapy, legal support, community assistance; immigrants)

Latinx Therapy (Mental health literacy, workshops, professional development, therapy; Latinx/Hispanic)

Mental Health (Veterans’ Affairs; mental health literacy, therapy; Veterans)

Mental Health Connector (Immigrants Rising; therapy; Young immigrants in California)

Mental Health Department (Arab American Family Services; child, individual, group, and family therapy, mental health literacy; Arab Americans)

National Asian American Pacific Islander Mental Health Association (NAAPIMHA) (Mental health literacy, workshops, therapy; Asian & Pacific Islanders)

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN; directory of mental health practitioners; LGBTQ+ Black; Latinx/Hispanic; Native American/American Indian, Native Alaskan, & other Indigenous Americans, Middle Eastern, Asian & Pacific Islander, and mixed race/multiracial)

One Sky Center (Community assistance, therapy, substance abuse research; Native American/American Indian, Native Alaskan, & other Indigenous Americans)

Sister Afya Community Mental Wellness (Support groups, group therapy, workshops, mental health literacy; Black women; priority given to Black women ages 18-35)

Soulcare Collective (Therapy, mental health literacy, retreats, yoga; Black and/or Indigenous)

South Asian Mental Health Initiative & Network (Therapy, support groups, substance abuse education; South Asian)

South Asian Therapists (Therapy; South Asian)

Strong Hearts Helpline (Domestic violence and sexual assault hotline; Native American/American Indian, Native Alaskan, & other Indigenous Americans)

The Focus on You (Mental health literacy; Latinx/Hispanic)

The Trevor Project (Crisis hotline, mental health literacy, substance abuse education, workshops, support services)

Therapy for Latinx (Individual, group, family, and couple’s therapy; Latinx/Hispanic)

Trans Lifeline (Crisis hotline, support services, mental health literacy, health education, legal support; Transgender)

TriCare (Health education, mental health literacy, healthcare assistance; Military)

We R Native (Mental health literacy, sex education, relationship & dating education, health education, identity development, workshops; Indigenous youth)


Unconscious Bias (Microsoft; eLesson; racial & ethnic minorities; women; LGBTQ+; family status; personality; native language; religion; disability; age; nationality)

Implicit Association Test (IAT) (Project Implicit, Harvard Uni.; online test; Black; skin color; sexual orientation; transgender; Islam; Middle Eastern; women; age; disability; weight; Judaism; Christianity; Native American; Asian)

Fair Play (Gutierrez et al.; video game; Black)


The STEM Illustration Pack (Black Illustrations; illustrations; STEM; Black)

The Disability Illustration Pack (Black Illustrations; illustrations; Black; disability)

The Spirituality Illustration Pack (Black Illustrations; illustrations; Black; religion)

STEM Heroes (Dr. Kit Chapman; coloring pages; STEM; Black; Latinx; Asian & Pacific Islander; disability; women; LGBTQ+; immigrants)

Diversity Avatars (Ramy and Scott; icons & avatars; STEM, medicine, fine arts, law, business, sports & games, philosophy; Black; Asian & Pacific Islander; Native American, Native Alaskan, & Other Indigenous Americans; women; Middle Eastern & North African; disability; Islam; Latinx)

Diversity Icons (The Noun Project; icons; racial & ethnic minorities; women; LGBTQ+; nationality; disability; Judaism; Islam)


Anne Jump Cannon Award in Astronomy (Am. Astro. Soc.; astronomy; postdoctoral; North American women)

Awards and Funding (Minorities in Cancer Research, Am. Assoc. for Cancer Res.; medicine; racial & ethnic minorities)

Awards and Funding (Women in Cancer Research, Am. Assoc. for Cancer Res.; medicine; women)

Diversity Related Funding Opportunity Announcements (NIH; biology, medicine)

Edward A. Bouchet Award (Am. Phys. Soc.; physics; Black, Latinx, Indigenous Americans)

Fellowships and Grants (Am. Assoc. of Uni. Women; education, medicine, social science, STEM, law, business; women; immigrants)

Foundation for Science and Disability (Am. Assoc. for the Advancement of Sci.; STEM, medicine; disabled senior undergraduates or graduate students)

Francis P. Garvan-John M. Olin Medal (Am. Chem. Soc.; chemistry; women)

Maria Goeppert Mayer Award (Am. Phys. Soc.; physics; women who received their PhD less than seven years ago)


Black Tech Pipeline (Athena and DeJesus; technology; talent database for employers to find Black technologists or for Black technologists to find employers)

Black in X Network (Black in X; STEM, birding, biomechanics, botany, epidemiology, graphic design, architecture, engineering, technology, neuroscience, physiology, anatomy, archaeology, humanities, astronomy, anthropology, biophysics, physics, cardiology, oncology, biomedical research, cellular & molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, scientific computing, entomology, environmental science, genetics, geoscience, geronotology & geriatrics, immunology, marine science, mathematics, microbiology, neurology, nursing, medicine, psychology, psychiatry, robotics, statistics, education, communications, public policy, sports & games, sports, swimming, social science, mammalogy, computational biology, ecology & evolution, otolaryngology; Black, some specific to Black men or women)

Call For Code for Racial Justice (IBM; technology, computer science; for racial & ethnic minorities and allies to contribute to open-source racial justice projects)

Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS; STEM; Latinx/Hispanic; Native American/American Indian, Native Alaskan, & other Indigenous Americans)

Spectra: The Association for LGBT Mathematicians (National Association of Mathematics & National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals; STEM, mathematics; sexual & gender minorities)


Black-owned Etsy shops (Etsy editors, Etsy; jewlery, homeware, paper products, art, clothing, food, pet care, sewing supplies, beauty, and more)

Support Black-Owned Businesses: 181 Places to Start Online (Conti, Website Planet; accessories, beauty, clothing, fitness, food, healthcare, homeware, jewelry, appliances, pet care, print & digital media, photography, plants, athletics, toys, wellness, yarn; U.S. & Canada)