Below is a table containing diversity and inclusion articles and presentations related to education and teaching. Please see here for more information the demographic variables included, what the different columns mean, and how to navigate the search filters. Here is a Google Doc of all conference, location, institute, university, etc. abbreviations used.

Author(s)YearTitleWebsite / Institution / Periodical / LocationTypeLinkVolume / EditionPage Numbers / DOI / ISBN
Byran-Gooden et al.2019Culturally Responsive Curriculum ScorecardMetro. Center for Res. on Equity and the Transform. of SchoolsInfographic / HandoutLinkBlack, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, Multiracial, Middle Eastern, GeneralFemaleSexuality, Gender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageGeneralLow-IncomeAcademia, K-12
Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching2018Inclusive Classroom ScenariosIA State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkGeneral, Black, AAPIFemaleSexualityYesNationality & Native LanguageAcademia
Michael V. Drake Institute for Teaching and Learningn.d.Universal Design for More Inclusive Pedagogy ChecklistThe OH State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkYesLow-IncomeAcademia
Diaz et al.n.d.Academic Chairs Workshop: “Building an Inclusive and Thriving Community”Allegheny CollegeInfographic / HandoutLinkGeneral, LatinxFemaleNationality & Native LanguageIslam, GeneralAcademia
Harpp et al.2020Listen to students? Yes! A practical, student-inspired guide to improving online education at the college levelMediumArticleLinkLow-IncomeAcademia
Sathy and Hogan2019Want to Reach All of Your Students? Here's How to Make Your Teaching More InclusiveThe Chronicle of Higher Ed.ArticleLinkGeneralFemaleGender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageVeteransAcademia
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning2006Sensitivity to Women in the Contemporary ClassroomHarvard Uni.ArticleLinkGeneralFemaleAcademia
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning2010Teaching in Racially Diverse College ClassroomsHarvard U.ArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, AAPI, GeneralFemaleAcademia
Houghton et al.2019"Access Anglesey”: Delivering and Evaluating an Accessible and Inclusive Field ClassHigher Ed. Network Annual Meeting with Div. in Geosci., UKPowerPointLinkYesAcademiaSTEM, Science, EOAS
Davis2020Beyond Culture Competence: Applying Cultural Humility in Higher EducationDIRECTO's 3rd Annual Uni.-Wide Symposium on Div. & Inclusion in Res. & Teach.PosterLinkGeneralAcademia
Killingback2019“I can hear chalk”: What I wish academic staff knew about autism and neurodiverse conditionsHigher Ed. Network Annual Meeting with Div. in Geosci., UKPosterLinkYesAcademia
Crow2020Make Learning Inclusive with Universal DesignFL. State Uni.PowerPointLinkYesAcademia
Foltz and Anderson2018Accommodations in the ClassroomFL State Uni.PowerPointLinkYesAcademia
Gaddis et al.2020Transforming Virtual Spaces to Actively Challenge the Dominant Discourses of Oppression in Online LearningDIRECTO's 3rd Ann. Uni.-Wide Symposium on Div. & Inclusion in Res. & Teach.PosterLinkGeneralSexuality, Gender IdentityAcademia
Daniel2016Appreciating Student Diversity in the ClassroomFL State Uni.PowerPointLinkGeneralFemaleNationality & Native LanguageLow-IncomeAcademia
Schehr2008Using Scenarios to Assess Student Perspectives on Diversity and Understand Social DesirabilityAIR ForumPowerPointLinkGeneralSexualityYesChristianityLow-Income, Parental Education
Pierson and Gentile2017Teaching Sensitive TopicsFL State Uni.PowerPointLinkGeneralSexuality
Haughbrook and Kowalsky2019Creating Welcoming Classroom EnvironmentsFL State Uni.PowerPointLinkBlack, Latinx, GeneralFemale
Corley2020Talk to me, Empathize with me, Ask me, Choose me, Help meDIRECTO's 3rd Ann. Uni.-Wide Symposium on Div. & Inclusion in Res. & Teach.PosterLinkLow-Income
Botello et al.2018Best Practices for Serving English Language Learners and Their FamiliesTeach. ToleranceArticleLinkNationality & Native LanguageK-12Humanities, Language, English, Mod. Lang. & Ling.
Campbell2017Cultural Differences in PlagiarismTurnitinArticleLinkNationality & Native LanguageAcademia
Collins et al.2018Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ StudentsTeach. ToleranceArticleLinkSexuality, Gender IdentityAcademia, K-12
Shuster et al.2018Teaching Tolerance in Higher Education: Case Studies of Teacher Preparation ProgramsTeach. ToleranceArticleLinkGeneralSexuality, Gender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageGeneralLow-IncomeAcademia
Corrections to College California2017Toolkit: Fostering Success for Formerly Incarcerated Students on CampusStanford Law School and Stanford Crim. Justice CenterArticleLinkEx-consAcademia
Contreras et al.2019Reading for Social Justice: A Guide for Families and EducatorsTeach. ToleranceArticleLinkGeneralSexuality, Gender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageGeneralLow-IncomeK-12
Willoughy et al.2017Responding to Hate and Bias at SchoolTeach. ToleranceArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, JewishFemaleSexuality, Gender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageGeneralLow-IncomeK-12
Disability Servicesn.d.Students who are Blind or have a Visual ImpairmentAllegheny CollegeArticleLinkYesAcademia
Graves Jr.2015Race ≠ DNA: If race is a social construct, what’s up with DNA ancestry testing?Teach. ToleranceArticleLink50General, Black, Latinx, AAPIGP, K-12STEM, Science, Biology
Baum and Westheimer2015Sex? Sexual Orientation? Gender Identity? Gender Expression?Teach. ToleranceArticleLink50IntersexSexuality, Gender IdentityGP, K-12

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