Below is a table of books, movies, TV shows, and podcasts related to diversity and inclusion. Please see here for more information on the demographic variables included, the meaning of the different column headings, and how to use the search filters. Here is a Google Doc of all abbreviations used in the publisher and production company names.

Credit #1Credit #2YearTitlePublisher(s) or Production Company/CompaniesISBN / DOI / URL Platform
Harts2019The MemoSeal Press9781541675414Book, Adult BookGeneralFemaleIndustryGeneral, Business, Admin & Manage, Finance
Ahmed2012On Being IncludedDuke Uni. Press978-0822352365Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneralAcademia
Haney López2015Dog Whistle PoliticsOxford Uni. Press9780190229252Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneralGeneral PublicYes
Norwood et al.2014Color MattersRoutledge978-0415517751Book, Adult BookGeneralGeneral Public
ShabazzFord2014Malcolm LittleAtheneum Books for Young Readers9781442412163Book, Children's BookBlack, GeneralGeneral, IslamGeneral Public
Boston WeatherfordNelson2006MosesLittle Brown Books for Young Readers9780786851751Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
Boston WeatherfordHolmes2015Voice of Freedom: Fannie Lou HamerCandlewick Press9780763665319Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
Davis PinkeyAlcorn2013Let it Shine: Stories of Black Women Freedom FightersHoughton Mifflin Harcourt9780547906041Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackFemaleGeneral Public
Celano et al.Zivoin2018Something Happened in Our TownAm. Psych. Assoc.9781433828546Book, Academic Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
CabreraCabrera2018My Hair is a GardenAlbert Whitman & Co.9780807509234Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public, K-12 Education
Tonatiuh2014Separate is Never EqualABRAMS9781419710544Book, Children's BookGeneral, LatinxGeneral Public, K-12 Education
Tudor et al.2018Young Water ProtectorsCreateSpace Pub.9781723305689Book, Children's BookGeneral, IndigenousGeneral Public
Boston WeatherfordVelasquez2019Schomburg: The Man Who Built a LibraryCandlewick Press9781536208979Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
Guerrero Moroz2019My Family DividedSquare Fish9781250308788Book, Children's BookGeneral, LatinxNationality & Native LanguageGeneral Public
SorellLessac2018We are GratefulCharlesbridge9781580897723Book, Children's BookGeneral, IndigenousGeneral Public
Dupuis and KacerNewland2016I Am Not a NumberSecond Story Press9781927583944Book, Children's BookGeneral, IndigenousK-12 Education
RobertsonFlett2017When We Were AlonePortage & Main9781553796732Book, Children's BookGeneral, IndigenousGeneral Public
FaruqiLyon2015Lailah's LunchboxTilbury House Pub.9780884484318Book, Children's BookGeneral, Middle EasternNationality & Native LanguageGeneral, IslamK-12 Education
WoodsonLópez2018The Day You BeginPenguin Young Readers Group9780399246531Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackK-12 Education
Nyong'oHarrison2019SulweSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers9781534425361Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
ElvgrenSantomauro2014The Whispering TownLerner Pub. Group9781467711951Book, Children's BookGeneral, JewishGeneral, JudaismGeneral Public
Youth at Lajee Centre Youth at Lajee Centre 2005Boy and The WallLajee Centre, Children's BookGeneral, Middle EasternGeneral Public
Jordan-Fenton and Pokiak-FentonGrimard2013When I Was EightAnnick Press, Ltd.9781554514908Book, Children's BookGeneral, IndigenousK-12 Education
ManushkinTobia2018Happy in Our SkinCandlewick Press9780763699727Book, Children's BookGeneralGeneral Public
Yoo and Wang2016Shining Star: The Anna May Wong StoryLee & Low Books, Inc.9781620142578Book, Children's BookGeneral, AAPIGeneral Public
HarrisonHarrison2017Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black HistoryLittle Brown Books for Young Readers9780316475112Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackFemaleGeneral Public
ShetterlyFreeman2018Hidden FiguresHarperCollins Pub.9780062742469Children's Book, BookGeneral, BlackFemaleIndustry
BrandtVogel2014Maddi's FridgeFlashlight Press9781936261291Book, Children's BookIncomeGeneral Public
CherryHarrison2019Hair LovePenguin Young Readers Group9780525553366Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
NagaraNagara2016A is for ActivistSeven Stories Press9781609806934Book, Children's BookGeneralSexuality, Gender IdentityGeneral Public
Johnson et al.Seil Smith2019IntersectionAllies: We Make Room for AllDottir Press9781948340083Book, Children's BookGeneral, Black, Indigenous, Latinx, AAPI, Middle EasternGender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageGeneral, IslamGeneral Public, K-12 Education
Muhammad and AliAly2019The Proudest BlueLittle Brown Books for Young Readers9780316519007Book, Children's BookGeneral, Middle EasternGeneral, IslamK-12 Education
Leslie2020The Story of Barack ObamaRockridge Press9781647391058Book, Children's BookGeneral, Black, MultiracialGeneral PublicGeneral, Political Science
Katz2020The Story of Frida KahloRockridge Press9781646111602Book, Children's BookGeneral, AAPIFemaleGeneral PublicGeneral, Visual & MP Arts, Art
Platt2020The Story of Martin Luther King Jr.Rockridge Press9781641529549Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral, ChristianityGeneral PublicHumanities, RCP, Religion
Brown Pellum2019Black Women in ScienceRockridge Press9781641527071Book, Children's BookGeneral, Black, IndigenousFemaleGeneral Public, Academia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Medicine, Tech, Engineering, Psychology, Astronomy, Math, Biology, Neuro & Physio, Physics, CS, ChemistryGeneral, Business, Admin & Manage
LoveLove2018Julián is a MermaidCandlewick Press9780763690458Book, Children's BookGeneral, LatinxGender IdentityGeneral Public
Oluo2019So You Want to Talk About RaceBasic Books9781580058827Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
Coates2015Between the World and MeSpiegel & Grau9780812993547Book, Adult BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
Daniel Tatum2017Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?Basic Books978-0465060689Book, Adult BookGeneral, BlackGeneral Public, K-12 Education
Chavez2008The Latino ThreatStanford Uni. Press978-0804759342Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, LatinxGeneral PublicYes
Wu2003YellowBasic Books978-0465006403Book, Adult BookGeneral, AAPIGeneral Public
Lee2009The Fortune Cookie ChroniclesTwelve978-0446698979Book, Adult BookGeneral, AAPIIndustry
Williams and Dempsey2018What Works for Women at WorkNY Uni. Press9781479814312Book, Academic Book, Adult BookFemaleIndustry
Wong2020Disability VisibilityVintage Books 978-1984899422Book, Adult BookGeneral, Black, IndigenousSexuality, Gender IdentityYesEx-consChildrenGeneral Public
Heumann and Joiner2020Being Heumann: An Unrepentant Memoir of a Disability Rights ActivistBeacon Press978-0807019290Book, Adult BookYesGeneral Public
Brown2019The Pretty One: On Life, Pop Culture, Disability, and Other Reasons to Fall in Love with MeAtria Books978-1982100544Book, Adult BookGeneral, BlackYesGeneral Public
Piepzna-Samarasinha2018Care Work: Dreaming Disability JusticeArsenal Pulp Press978-1551527383Book, Adult BookYesGeneral Public
Girma2020HabenGrand Central Pub.9781538728734Book, Adult BookYesAcademiaYes
Avery2018SonataPegasus Books9781681777795Book, Adult BookYesGeneral PublicGeneral, Performance Art, Music
Bailey2016The Sound of a Wild Snail EatingAlgonquin Books of Chapel Hill9781616206420Book, Adult BookYesGeneral Public
Riemer and Brown2019We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer LiberationTen Speed Press978-0399581816Book, Adult BookSexuality, Gender IdentityGeneral Public
Airton2018Gender: Your GuideAdams Media978-1507209004Book, Adult BookGender IdentityGeneral Public
Beydoun2018American Islamophobia: Understanding the Roots and Rise of FearU. of CA Press978-0520297791Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, IslamGeneral Public
Applewhite2019This Chair RocksCeladon Books978-1250311481Book, Adult BookYesGeneral Public
Brown and Leigh2020Ableism in AcademiaUCL Press9781787354975Academic, AdultYesAcademiaGeneral, Sociology
Hoque2019Being Young, Male, and Muslim in LutonUCL Press9781787351349Academic, AdultMaleNationality & Native Language, UrbanGeneral, IslamGeneral PublicGeneral, Sociology
Mole2021Queer Migration and Asylum in EuropeUCL Press9781787355811Academic, AdultGeneral, Latinx, SlavicIntersexSexuality, Gender IdentityNationality & Native Language, UrbanGeneral, IslamGeneral PublicSTEM, Science, AnthropologyGeneral, Political Science, Sociology, GeographyYes
Foster et al.2020Holocaust Education: Contemporary Challenges and ControversiesUCL Press9781787355699Academic, AdultGeneral, JewishGeneral, Judaism, IslamK-12 Education
Jackson2017Music Our Bodies Can't HoldHunter Pub.9780994352880Book, Adult BookYesGeneral Public
Palacios2013Criptionary: Disability Humor & SatireAtahualpa Press978-0972648318Book, Adult BookYesGeneral Public
Baldwin and PeckPeck2017I Am Not Your NegroVelvet Films et al.Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, Sling TV, Google PlayDocumentary , Documentary FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
DuVernay and AverickDuVernay201613thKandoo FilmsNetflixDocumentary , Documentary FilmGeneral, BlackEx-consHumanities, HistoryYes
Billeskov JansenFord2017Strong IslandYanceville Films and Louverture FilmsNetflixDocumentary , Documentary FilmGeneral, BlackEx-consGeneral PublicYes
Nelson Jr.Nelson Jr.2015The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the RevolutionFirelight FilmsAmazon PrimeDocumentary , Documentary FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral PublicHumanities, History
WohlDawson and Ginzberg2016Agents of ChangeFilms with a PurposeVimeo, American DocumentaryDocumentary , Documentary FilmBlack, GeneralGeneral Public, AcademiaHumanities, History
NelsonNelson2011Freedom RidersFirelight MediaAmazon Prime, PBSDocumentary , Documentary FilmBlack, GeneralGeneral PublicHumanities, History
Channsin Berry and DukeChannsin Berry and Duke2011Dark GirlsDuke Media and Urban Winter EntertainmentAmazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Sling TV, Google Play, PhiloDocumentary , Documentary FilmGeneral, BlackFemaleGeneral Public
Amponsah and WalkerAmponsah2015The Hard StopGa FilmsBFI PlayerDocumentary , Documentary FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral PublicYes
RidleyRidley2017Let it Fall: Los Angeles 1982-1992Lincoln Square Prod.Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google PlayDocumentary , Documentary FilmGeneral, BlackYes
DuVernay et al.DuVernay2019When They See UsHarpo Films et al.NetflixHybrid SeriesGeneral, Black, LatinxGeneral PublicYes
Jenkins and McCraneyJenkins2016MoonlightA24 et al.Netflix, Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google PlayHybrid FilmGeneral, BlackSexualityGeneral Public
Cretton and LanhamCretton2019Just MercyEndeavor Content et al.Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, Google Play, HBOHybrid FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral PublicYes
JenkinsJenkins2018If Beale Street Could TalkPlan B Entertainment and Pastel Prod.Vudu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, Google PlayFiction Film, Adult Fiction FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral PublicYes
BujalskiBujalski2018Support the GirlsBurn Later Prod. and Houston King Prod.Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, Hulu, Google PlayFiction Film, Adult Fiction FilmFemaleGeneral Public, Industry
CooglerCoogler2013Fruitvale StationSignificant Prod.Netflix, Vudu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, iTunes, Google PlayHybrid FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral PublicYes
LeeLee1989Do the Right Thing40 Acres and a Mule FilmworksAmazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, Sling TV, Google Play, iTunesFiction Film, Adult Fiction FilmGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, Jewish, Southern EuropeanGeneral Public
WebbDuVernay2014SelmaPlan B Entertainment et al.Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, Sling TV, Google PlayHybrid FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral PublicHumanities, History
Melfi and SchroederMelfi2017Hidden FiguresFox 200 Pictures et al.Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Disney+Hybrid FilmGeneral, BlackFemaleIndustrySTEM, Science, Astronomy, Engineering, Math, Humanities, History
Bratt and CongdonBratt2017Dolores5 Stick FilmsVudu, YouTube, Google Play, PBSDocumentary Film, Documentary General, Latinx, IndigenousFemaleIncomeGeneral Public, IndustryHumanities, History
Bricca and KerseyPalos2011Precious KnowledgeDos Vatos Prod. and The Ind. TV ServicePBSDocumentary Film, Documentary General, Latinx, IndigenousK-12 EducationYes
GlawoggerGlawogger2011Whores' GloryÖsterreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) et al.Amazon PrimeDocumentary Film, Documentary General, Latinx, AAPIFemaleIndustry
DickDick2015The Hunting GroundChain Cam. Pic.Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, HBODocumentary Film, Documentary FemaleAcademia
UdwinUdwin2015India's DaughterAssassin Films and Tathagat FilmsAmazon PrimeDocumentary Film, Documentary General, AAPIFemaleGeneral Public
BaileyBailey2019HaleAmazon PrimeDocumentary Film, Documentary YesGeneral Public
BlackVan Sant2008MilkAxon Films et al.Amazon Prime, Vudu, YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, Sling TV, Google Play, StarzHybrid FilmSexualityIndustry, General PublicGeneral, Political Science
Collins ad MetzgarCollins2016Almost SunriseThoughtful Robot Prod.Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google PlayDocumentary , Documentary FilmVeteransGeneral Public
Salaita2006Anti-Arab Racism in the USA: Where it Comes From and What it Means for Politics TodayPluto Press9780745325163 Book, Adult BookGeneral, Middle EasternGeneral Public
Duerstock and Shingledecker2014From College to Careers: Fostering Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in STEMThe Am. Assoc. for the Advancement of Sci.10.1126/science.opms.sb0002Book, Academic BookYesAcademiaSTEM
Cooper and Brownell2020Student Anxiety and Fear of Negative Evaluation in Active Learning Science ClassroomsSpringer Nature Switzerland AG10.1007/978-3-030-33600-4Yes
Miner et al.2001Teaching Chemistry to Students with Disabilities: A Manual for High Schools, Colleges, and Graduate ProgramsThe Am. Chem. Society0-8412-3817-0Book, Academic BookYesAcademia, K-12 EducationSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Molina and AldrichUnkrich2017CocoWalt Disney Pic. and Pixar Animation Studios Prime, Vudu, YouTube, Google Play, Disney+Fiction Film, Children's Fiction FilmGeneral, Latinx, IndigenousGeneral Public
Siebel Newsom and CongdonSiebel Newsom2015The Mask You Live InThe Representation Project Prime, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google PlayDocumentary , Documentary FilmMaleGeneral Public, K-12 Education
Siebel Newsom and CostanzoSiebel Newsom2011Miss RepresentationGirls' Club Entertainment , Documentary FilmFemaleGeneral Public, K-12 Education
RileyRiley2018Sorry to Bother YouSignificant Prod. et al. Prime, Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, Google PlayFiction Film, Adult Fiction FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral Public, IndustryGeneral, IT
McIntosh2015White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible KnapsackCengage Learn.978-1-305-09361-4Book, Adult BookGeneral, BlackAcademia, General PublicHumanities, Language, English, HistoryGeneral, Sociology
Helliwell et al.2020World Happiness Report 2020Sustainable Dev. Solutions Network978-1-7348080-0-1Book, Academic Book, Adult BookFemaleYesNationality & Native Language, Rural and/or Southern, UrbanIncomeYesMarital StatusGeneral PublicMedicineGeneral, Economics, Urban PlanningYes
Bracey Jr.Bracey Jr.2013How Racism Harms White AmericansMedia Ed. Foundation1-932869-75-1Documentary , Documentary FilmGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
de la PeñaRobinson2015Last Stop on Market StreetPenguin Books978-0-3992-5774-2Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackIncomeGeneral Public
WoodsonLewis2012Each KindnessPenguin Books978-0-3992-4652-4Book, Children's BookIncomeK-12 Education
LawrenceLawrence1995The Great Migration: An American StoryTrophy Pic. Books978-0-0644-3428-7Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackRural and/or SouthernGeneral Public
Langston-GeorgeBock2016For the Right to Learn: Malala Yousafzai’s StoryCapstone978-1-4914-6556-1Book, Children's BookGeneral, Middle EasternFemaleNationality & Native LanguageGeneral, IslamK-12 Education
Woodson2010If You Come SoftlyPenguin Books978-0-1424-1522-1Book, Children's BookGeneral, BlackGeneral PublicYes
Boyle1996The Tortilla CurtainPenguin Pub. Group978-0-1402-3828-0Book, Children's Book, Adult BookGeneral, LatinxNationality & Native LanguageIncomeGeneral Public
Hooks2003We Real Cool: Black Men and MasculinityTaylor & Francis9780415969277Book, Adult BookGeneral, BlackMaleGeneral Public
Emdin2017For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood...and the Rest of Ya’ll Too: Reality Pedagogy and Urban EducationBeacon Press978-0-8070-2802-5Book, Adult BookGeneralUrbanK-12 Education
Funderburg2017Black, White, and Other: Biracial Americans Talk About Race and IdentityHarperCollins Pub.9780692262740Book, Adult BookGeneral, MultiracialK-12 Education, General Public
Taylor et al.2017The Undergraduate Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) Program at the University of Texas at San AntonioAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic BookGeneral, LatinxAcademiaSTEM, Science, Biology, Psychology, Medicine
DiMaggio2017Xavier University of Louisiana: Routinely Beating the OddsAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic BookGeneral, BlackAcademiaSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Kosinski-Collins et al.2017The Brandeis Science Posse: Building a Cohort Model Program to Retain Underserved Students in the SciencesAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, Black, LatinxIncome, Parental EducationAcademiaSTEM, Science, Biology, Neuro & Physio, Chemistry, Medicine
Chmielewski et al.2017The Chemistry Diversity Initiative at Purdue UniversityAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, Black, LatinxFemaleAcademiaSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Stallings et al.2017Accelerating Change: #DiversitySolutions on Social MediaAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneralFemale, IntersexSexuality, Gender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageGeneralIncome, Parental EducationYesAcademiaSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Brown2017Diversifying the STEM Professional Workforce by Building Capacity at a Two-Year College on the U.S.-Mexico BorderAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, LatinxNationality & Native LanguageAcademiaSTEM
Lester Jr.2017Diversity Efforts: University of California, Berkeley, and OtherAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, Black, Latinx, IndigenousAcademiaSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Svoronos2017From Introductory Chemistry at the Community College Level to Post-Undergraduate Success: Strategies at Queensborough Community College that Secure the Success of Ethnically Diverse STEM StudentsAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, Middle Eastern, Southern European, SlavicFemaleNationality & Native LanguageAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Tech, CS, Engineering, Math
Pagano2017Making Education and Careers in Chemistry Accessible and Successful for Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing StudentsAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookYesAcademiaSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Colón2017Increasing Diversity in the Chemical Sciences: Experiences and LessonsAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, Black, Latinx, IndigenousFemaleAcademiaSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Thomas and Wilson-Kennedy2017Wanted! Diverse STEM Professionals Seek Like-Minded Mentors, Coaches, Advocates, and SponsorsAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Chemistry
Collins2017Critical Mass Takes Courage: Diversity in the Chemical SciencesAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookGeneral, Black, LatinxFemaleAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Biology, Chemistry
Bannochie2017Alphabet Soup and the ACS: The History of LGBT InclusionAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookSexuality, Gender IdentityAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Chemistry
Denio2017Diversity: The ACS Senior Chemists Committee and Delaware’s ChemVetsAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookYesIndustrySTEM, Science, Chemistry
Booksh2017Why Are There So Few Doctorates with Disabilities in Chemistry? Thoughts and reflectionsAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookYesAcademiaSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Neybert2017The Non-Conventional ChemistAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookYesAcademiaSTEM, Science, Chemistry
Tratras Contis et al.2017Energizing Global Thinking as a Dimension of ACS Diversity/Inclusion EffortsAm. Chem. Soc.978-0-8412-3236-5Book, Academic Book, Adult BookNationality & Native LanguageIndustrySTEM, Science, Chemistry
Saul2013Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat, and Women in PhilosophyOxford Uni. Press978-0-19-932561-0Book, Academic Book, Adult BookFemaleAcademia, IndustryHumanities, RCP, Philosophy
Nilson and SchwartzNilson and Schwartz2019The Peanut Butter FalconArmory Films et al., YouTube, Vudu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Google Play, PhiloFiction, Fiction Film, Adult Fiction FilmYesGeneral Public
NewnhamNewnham and Lebrecht2020Crip Camp: A Disability RevolutionHigher Ground Prod. et al. , Documentary FilmYesGeneral Public
Irving and GeorgievIrving2016Off the Rails: The Darius McCollum StoryZipper Bros Films Prime, YouTube, iTunes, Google PlayDocumentary Film, Documentary YesGeneral PublicYes
KellyKelly2017The Drummer and the KeeperCalico Pic.Amazon PrimeFiction, Fiction Film, Adult Fiction FilmYesIndustryGeneral, Performance Arts, Music
Gernon et al.Silveri2016-2019SpeechlessSilver and Gold Prod. et al., Fiction SeriesYesGeneral Public
Dokoza et al.O'Connell2019-presentSpecialWarner Bros. TV et al., Fiction SeriesSexualityYesGeneral Public, Industry
NijkampPreitano2020The Oracle CodeDC Comics978-1-4012-9066-5Book, Children's Book, Adult BookYesGeneral Public
Clark2020If you really love me, throw me off a mountain: A memoirEyeCorner Press978-8-7926-3355-2Book, Adult BookYesGeneral PublicHumanities, Language, EnglishPerformance Arts, DanceGeneral, Sports
Lehrer2020Golem GirlPenguin Random House978-1-9848-2030-3Book, Adult BookYesGeneral Public
Meraji et al.2016-presentCode SwitchNPR, Black, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, Multiracial, Middle EasternSexuality, Gender IdentityGeneral Public, Industry

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