Below is a table of diversity and inclusion articles and presentations not related to education. Please see here for more information on the demographic variables included, the meaning of the different column headings, and how to use the search filters. Here is a Google Doc of abbreviations of websites, institutions, conferences, etc. used in the table.

Author(s)YearTitleWebsite / Institution / Periodical / LocationType of MediaLinkVolume / EditionPage Numbers / DOI / ISBN
Dryden2014Codes of Conduct 101 + FAQAshe DrydenArticleLink
ADVANCEGeo Partnership2020In the FieldCarleton CollegeArticleLinkGeneralFemaleGender IdentityYes
Armstrong et al.2020Redefining the scientific conference to be more inclusivePhys. WorldArticleLinkGeneralSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageLow-Income
Bernabei et al.2017Racial Equity: Getting to ResultsGov. Alliance on Race & EquityArticleLinkGeneral
Office of Graduate Studies2020Race and ethnicityUni. of NE-LincolnArticleLinkGeneral
Curren et al.2016Racial Equity Action Plans: A How-To ManualGov. Alliance on Race & EquityArticleLinkGeneral
Desmond-Harris2015What Exactly is a Microaggression?VoxArticleLinkGeneralFemaleSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender Identity
E-RACEn.d.Best Practices and Tips for Employees: How to Prevent Race and Color Discrimination in the WorkplaceU.S. EEOCInfographic / HandoutLinkGeneral
E-RACEn.d.Best Practices for Employers and Human Resources/EEO Professionals: How to Prevent Race and Color DiscriminationU.S. EEOCInfographic / HandoutLinkGeneral
E-RACEn.d.E-RACE (Eradicating Racism and Colorism from Employment) InitiativeU.S. EEOCInfographic / HandoutLinkGeneral
Keleher2018Racial Equity Core Teams: The Engines of Institutional ChangeGov. Alliance on Race & EquityArticleLinkGeneral
Lohrentz et al.2015Contracting for Equity: Best Local Government Practices That Advance Racial Equity in Government Contracting and ProcurementGov. Alliance on Race & EquityArticleLinkGeneral
Nelson et al.2015Advancing Racial Equity and Transforming Government: A Resource Guide to Put Ideas Into ActionGov. Alliance on Race & EquityArticleLinkGeneral
Nelson and Tyrell2015Public Sector Jobs: Opportunities for Advancing Racial EquityGov. Alliance on Race & EquityArticleLinkGeneral
Nelson and Brooks2016Racial Equity Toolkit: An Opportunity to Operationalize EquityGov. Alliance on Race & EquityArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, General
Okun2020White Supremacy CultureDismantling RacismArticleLinkGeneral
SonnieAdvancing Racial Equity in Public Libraries: Case Studies from the FieldGov. Alliance on Race & EquityArticleLinkGeneral
University of Michigan Rackham Graduate Schooln.d.Here’s How to Effectively Mentor Diverse StudentsNeurOnlineArticleLinkGeneralFemaleSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageYes
Vijayaraghavan et al.2017It’s Time for Science and Academia to Address Sexual MisconductSci. Am.ArticleLinkGeneralFemale
Williams-Rajee2018 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Recruitment, Hiring, and RetentionUrban Sustain. Directors' NetworkArticleLinkGeneral
Adams2020P&G’s Pritchard Outlines 4-Point Plan to Dismantle Racial InequalityMarketing DiveArticleLinkBlack, General
Anderson20207 Tactics to Bolster Diversity and Inclusion in Your CompanyLinkedInArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, Multiracial, General
Callier2016“There Aren’t Qualified Minority Candidates” Is a MythSci. Am.ArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, IndigenousFemale
Cohen and Sosa Verduin2020From Knowing Better to Doing Better: Closing the Opportunity Gap for Women of Color in the Workplace Through Transformed Systems BehaviorSisters Who LeadArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, GeneralFemale
Gilbert2020Guidelines for Diversity & Inclusion in CrisisUni. of FLArticleLinkBlack, General
Igielnik and Budiman2020The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the U.S. ElectoratePew Res. CenterArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, AAPI, GeneralRural and/or Southern U.S.
Kluch and McCarthy2020Black Americans Less Likely to Feel Safe in Their CommunityGallup NewsArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, AAPI, GeneralFemale
Lanham2016Birding While BlackLitHubArticleLinkBlack, General
Pierre2017Environmental Experiences Have Racial RootsFree RadicalsArticleLinkBlack, General
STEMconnector2020Black & African-Americans in STEMSTEMconnectorInfographic / HandoutLinkBlack, General
Castrellon et al.2020Concrete Steps for Recruiting, Supporting, and Advancing Underrepresented Minoritized ScientistsGoogle DocsArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, Indigenous, GeneralFemaleYesLow-Income
Leonard2016Building a Latino Wave in STEMU.S. News & World ReportArticleLinkLatinx, General
YouGov2020Survey of American Jews & Perceptions of AntisemitismAnti-Defamation LeagueArticleLinkJewish, GeneralJudaism
Allies & Safe Zonesn.d.Allies & Safe Zones 101 TermsFL State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkIntersexSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender Identity
Allies & Safe Zones2015Ideas for Allies of Transgender and Intersex CommunitiesFL State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkIntersexGender Identity
Office of Graduate Studies2020GenderUni. of NE-LincolnArticleLinkFemale
Chan2018Ideas for Inclusive/Accessible EventsAlex W.L. ChanArticleLinkFemaleGender IdentityYesNationality & Native LanguageGeneralLow-Income
Neill2017When Scientists Say, “Me Too.” Sci. Am.ArticleLinkFemale
Allies & Safe Zonesn.d.Action Continuum for AlliesFL. State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender Identity
Allies & Safe Zonesn.d.Attitudes Continuum: The Riddle ScaleFL. State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender Identity
Allies & Safe Zones2013FSU Bi-BasicsFL. State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation
Allies & Safe Zones2015Ideas for AlliesFL. State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender Identity
Booms2019I Am One of YouWildlife ProfessionalArticleMarch/April34-35Sexual & Romantic Orientation
Office of Graduate Studies2020Sexual orientation and gender identityU. of NE-LincolnArticleLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender Identity
Connaughton2020Religiously unaffiliated people more likely than those with a religion to lean left, accept homosexualityPew Res. CenterArticleLinkSexual & Romantic OrientationGeneral
Fidas and Cooper2018A Workplace Divided: Understanding the Climate for LGBTQ Workers NationwideHuman Rights Camp. FoundationArticleLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender Identity
Levine2016LGBT in STEM: Progress But Still Many ObstaclesElsevier ConnectArticleLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender Identity
Lupu et al.2019Religion in the public schoolsPew Res. CenterArticleLink & Romantic OrientationChristianity, Judaism, Islam
Patel Predd2005The Gay EngineerIEEE SpectrumArticleLinkFebruary47-48Sexual & Romantic Orientation
Allies & Safe Zonesn.d.Personal Gender Pronoun OptionsFL. State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkGender Identity
Allies & Safe Zones2015Transgender EtiquetteFL. State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkGender Identity
The Nat. Busi. & Disability Counciln.d.Disability Inclusion BlueprintThe Viscardi CenterInfographic / HandoutLinkYes
Alyssa2019Disabled in Graduate School: History and ProgressInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkYes
Aquino2020Adobe Celebrates National Disability Employment Awareness Month With Several Internal InitiativesForbesArticleLinkYes
Bernard2020Despite the ADA, Science Often Isn’t Accessible For Disabled PeopleMassive Sci.ArticleLinkYes
Burgstahler2012Making Science Labs Accessible to Students with DisabilitiesUni. of WAInfographic / HandoutLinkYes
Burgstahler2013Equal Access: Universal Design of Conference Exhibits and PresentationsUni. of WAInfographic / HandoutLinkYes
Office of Graduate Studies2020DisabilitiesUni. of NE-LincolnArticleLinkYes
Center for Students with Disabilities2014Accessibility Checklist for University EventsUni. of CTInfographic / HandoutLinkYes
DeWitt2020Why Are Students With Disabilities So Invisible in STEM Education? Ed. WeekArticleLinkYesSTEM, Academia
Jisc Accessibility and Inclusion2016Between a rock and a hard place - making fieldwork accessible to disabled learnersJiscArticleLinkYesSTEM, Science, Geoscience, Academia
Kattari and Kerschbaum2020Chronically Ill: Navigating Work Inside and Outside the AcademyMediumArticleLinkYesAcademia
Ramp2019Accommodating Service Dog Handlers in Science LaboratoriesEmpowering Ability Consult.ArticleLinkYesAcademia, Industry, Science, STEM
Serrato Marks2018How to Make Professional Conferences More Accessible for Disabled People: Guidance from Actual Disabled ScientistsUnion of Concerned ScientistsArticleLinkYesSTEM, Science, Industry, Academia
Trewin et al.2019Accessible Conference GuideSigAccessArticleLinkYesAcademia, Industry
Vessels et al.2020Accessible Meetings, Events, & Conferences GuideADA HospitalityArticleLinkYesAcademia, Industry
World Institute on Disability2020Conference Accessibility ChecklistWorld Institute on DisabilityInfographic / HandoutLinkYesAcademia, Industry
World Institute on Disability2020Speakers Presenting to an Audience with Disabilities Best PracticesWorld Institute on DisabilityInfographic / HandoutLinkYesAcademia, Industry
Office of Graduate Studies2020International StatusU. of NE-LincolnArticleLinkNationality & Native LanguageAcademia
STEMconnector2020Rural Residents & Communities in STEMSTEMconnectorInfographic / HandoutLinkRural and/or Southern U.S.STEM, Industry, Academia
STEMconnector2020Military Veterans in STEMSTEMconnectorInfographic / HandoutLinkVeteransSTEM, Industry, Academia
Johnson et al.2020On the Intersection of Science and ReligionPew Res. CenterArticleLink, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, GeneralGeneral Public
Office of Graduate Studies2020Socioeconomic backgroundUni. of NE-LincolnArticleLinkLow-IncomeAcademia
Office of Graduate Studies2020AgeUni. of NE-LincolnArticleLinkYesAcademia
TIME'S UP2020The Time's Up Guide to Equity and Inclusion During CrisisTIME'S UP FoundationArticleLinkGeneralFemale, IntersexSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityYesYesIndustry
James et al.2019The Time is Now: Systemic Changes to Increase African Americans with Bachelor's Degrees in Physics and AstronomyAm. Institute of Phys.ArticleLinkBlack, Latinx, GeneralAcademia, STEM, Science, Physics, Astronomy
Lambert2020The Little Problem with the Big Ace DebatesMediumArticleLinkSexual & Romantic OrientationGeneral Public
LGBTQ Center2019Asexuality, Attraction, and Romantic OrientationUni. of NCArticleLinkSexual & Romantic OrientationGeneral Public, Academia
Safe Homesn.d.Gender AlphabetOpen Sky Community ServicesInfographic / HandoutLinkIntersexSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityGeneral Public
The Stonewall Centern.d.LGBTQIA+ TerminologyUni. of MA AmherstInfographic / HandoutLinkIntersexSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityGeneral Public, Academia
Crosley-Corcoran2014Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White PersonHuffPostArticleLinkGeneralLow-IncomeGeneral Public
Parker et al.20176 facts about the U.S. military and its changing demographicsPew Res. CenterArticleLink, Black, Latinx, AAPIFemaleActive Duty & TrainingEducational AttainmentYesGeneral Public, Industry
Brenan2019U.S. Men Less Concerned Than in 2017 About Sexual HarassmentGallup NewsArticleLinkFemaleYesIndustry, General Public
Francis2015The Problem with Naming Observatories After BigotsForbesArticleLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityIndustrySTEM, Science, Astronomy
Frost2020Deadly Discrimination: The Forgotton Impact of COVID-19 on People with DisabilitiesForbesArticleLinkYesGeneral Public
Harmon2019Lab Severs Ties with James Watson, Citing "Unsubstantiated and Reckless" RemarksThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneralIndustrySTEM, Science, Biology, CMB
Geidner2019The Court Cases That Changed L.G.B.T.Q. RightsThe NY TimesArticleLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityGeneral PublicYes
Span2019Ageism: A "Prevalent and Insidious" Health ThreatThe NY TimesArticleLinkYesGeneral PublicMedicine
Frakt2020Bad Medicine: The Harm That Comes From RacismThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, Black, IndigenousIndustryMedicine
Voytko2019"Rage-Inducing": Sexist Ernst & Young Seminar Draws Women's ReactionsForbesArticleLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Business
Brooks and Saad2020The COVID-19 Responses of Men vs. WomenGallup NewsArticleLinkFemaleGeneral Public
Van Aelst 2018We Asked You About Your Experience of Racism. Here's What You Told UsThe Chronicle of Higher Ed.ArticleLinkGeneral, Black, IndigenousAcademia
Jones2018The Whisper Campaign of Academic TraumaMy Student VoicesArticleLinkGeneralAcademia
De Leon2020The long history of racism against Asian Americans in the U.S.PBSArticleLinkGeneral, AAPIGeneral Public
Allchin and Mejía2020Hundreds of Schools Are Still Using Native Americans as Team MascotsFiveThirtyEightArticleLinkGeneral, IndigenousAcademia, K-12 Education
Méndez Ramírez2019Academic Ableism: Fighting for Accommodations and Access in Higher EducationDisability Visibility ProjectArticleLinkYesAcademia
Commission on the Status of Womenn.d.Avoiding gender bias in reference writingThe Uni. of AZInfographic / HandoutLink
Berhe and Kim2019Avoiding racial bias in letters of reference writingUni. of CA MercedInfographic / HandoutLinkGeneralAcademia
Bennett2019Veteran households in U.S. are economically better off than those of non-veteransPew Res. CenterArticleLink Public
Blendon et al.2017Discrimination in America: Experiences and Views of LGBTQ AmericansNPR et al.ArticleLinkGeneralSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityLow-IncomeYesGeneral Public, IndustryMedicineYes
Friedman2013The Harmful Psychological Effects of the Washington Football MascotArticleLinkGeneral, IndigenousIndustry
Evans2020R.A. Fisher and the science of hatredNew StatesmanArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Multiracial, Jewish, SlavicLow-IncomeAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Biology
Johnson2014Fed Up with Sexual Harassment: Defining the ProblemWomen in Astro.ArticleLinkFemaleAcademiaSTEM, Science, Astronomy
Schmelz2014Fed Up with Sexual Harassment: Survival of the CluelessWomen in Astro.ArticleLinkFemaleAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Astronomy
Johnson2014Fed Up with Sexual Harassment: The Serial Harasser's PlaybookWomen in Astro.ArticleLinkFemaleAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Astronomy
Casey2014Fed Up with Sexual Harassment: Power To Speak UpWomen in Astro.ArticleLinkFemaleAcademiaSTEM, Science, Astronomy
Norman2014Fed Up with Sexual Harassment: Guest PostWomen in Astro.ArticleLinkGeneral, BlackFemaleAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Astronomy
Frost2020Deadly Discrimination: The Forgotten Impact of COVID-19 on People with DisabilitiesForbesArticleLinkYesGeneral Public, IndustryMedicine
Harmon2019Lab Severs Ties with James Watson, Citing “Unsubstantiated and Reckless” RemarksThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackIndustrySTEM, Science, Biology, CMB
Menasce Horowitz2020Republicans, Democrats differ over factors K-12 schools should consider in deciding whether to reopenPew Res. CenterArticleLink, Black, Latinx, AAPIFemaleLow-IncomeChildrenGeneral Public, K-12 Education
Mitra et al.2017The hidden extra cost of living with a disabilityThe Convo.ArticleLinkYesGeneral Public, IndustryMedicine
Mohr2014Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% QualifiedHarvard Busi. Rev.ArticleLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Business
Parker et al.20176 facts about the U.S. military and its changing demographicsPew Res. CenterArticleLink, Black, LatinxFemaleActive Duty & TrainingYesYesIndustry
Perry2018How Academic Jobs Screen Out Disabled People. Pacific StandardPacific StandardArticleLinkYesAcademia
Span2019Ageism: A “Prevalent and Insidious” Health ThreatThe NY TimesArticleLinkYesGeneral Public, IndustryMedicine
Spiel2020Dancing around Disability Disclosure - Balancing Paternalism, Panic, and Pride on the Academic Job MarketMediumArticleLinkYesAcademia
PSB Research2020The Impact of COVID-19 on the LGBTQ CommunityHuman Rights Campaign FoundationArticleLinkSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityLow-IncomeGeneral Public, IndustryMedicine
Tu2020How has COVID-19 impacted Indigenous women in STEM?Women's AgendaArticleLinkGeneral, AAPIFemaleGeneral Public, Academia, Industry, K-12 EducationSTEM
Interfaith Alliance and Religious Freedom Education Project of the First Amendment Center2017What is the Truth About American Muslims?Teaching ToleranceArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, Middle EasternFemaleNationality & Native LanguageGeneral, IslamGeneral Public
The Annie E. Casey Foundation2015Race Equity and Inclusion Action Guide: 7 Steps to Advance and Embed Race Equity and Inclusion Within Your OrganizationThe Annie E. Casey FoundationArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous
Center for Scientific Review2020Content Analysis: Forums on Racial Disparities in Peer Review and MoreNIHArticleLinkGeneral, BlackAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Biology, Medicine
Kristof2020The Children of PornhubThe NY TimesArticleLink Public
Abraham2020If We Don't Push for a More Diverse Faculty NowInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, IndigenousAcademia
McHarris and McHarris2020No More Money for the PoliceThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackGeneral Public, IndustryYes
Shutack2017103 Things White People Can Do for Racial JusticeMediumArticleLinkGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
Carglen.d.Dear White Women: A letter reminding modern white feminists of their relationship with Black women throughout historyInfographic / HandoutLinkGeneral, BlackFemaleGeneral Public
Budiman and Noe-Bustamante2020Black eligible voters have accounted for nearly half of Georgia’s electorate’s growth since 2000Pew Res. CenterArticleLink, BlackNationality & Native LanguageLow-IncomeYesYesGeneral Public
Artiga et al.2018Health Care in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands: A Six-Month Check-Up After the StormsPerry Undem and Henry J. Kaiser Fam. FoundationArticleLinkGeneral, LatinxYesGeneral Public, IndustryMedicine
Nasatir et al.2020The Time’s Up Guide to Working in Entertainment: Your Rights in AuditionsTime's Up FoundationArticleLinkJanuaryFemaleIndustryGeneral, Visual & MP Arts, Film, Performance Arts, Theatre
Nasatir et al.2020The Time’s Up Guide to Working in Entertainment: Your Rights in Nude, Intimate, and Sex ScenesTime's Up FoundationArticleLinkJanuaryFemaleIndustryGeneral, Performance Arts, Theatre
Nasatir et al.2020The Time’s Up Guide to Working in Entertainment: Your Right to ReportTime's Up FoundationArticleLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Visual & MP Arts, Film, Performance Arts, Theatre
Williams and Massinger2020How Women Are Harassed Out of ScienceThe AtlanticArticleLinkFemaleChildrenAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Biology, CMB, EOAS, Anthropology, Medicine, Physics
Custer2019Twitter responses show sexual harassment is rife at academic conferencesTimes Higher Ed.ArticleLinkFemaleAcademia
Sinclair and Kipainoi2020How COVID-19's Social Effects Hurt Girls in KenyaThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleNationality & Native LanguageGeneral Public
Eligon2020Black Doctor Dies of COVID-19 After Complaining of Racist TreatmentThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackIndustryMedicine
Nguyen2020What the Asian-American Coalition Can Teach the DemocratsThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, AAPIGeneral Public, IndustryGeneral, Poli Sci
Waldstein2020For Opponents of Native American Nicknames, 2020 Has Brought HopeThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, IndigenousIndustryGeneral, Sports, Football & Rugby, Bat & Ball, Hockey
Fannin2020The truth in Black and white: An apology from The Kansas City StarThe KS City StarArticleLinkGeneral, BlackGeneral, Communications
Streeter2020It’s 2020. Indigenous Team Names in Sports Have to GoThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, IndigenousIndustryGeneral, Football & Rugby, Sports
Kepner2020The Hall of Fame Tries to Contextualize Baseball’s Racist PastThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackGeneral, Sports, Bat & Ball
Waldstein and Schmidt2020Cleveland’s Baseball Team Will Drop Its Indians Team NameThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, IndigenousGeneral, Sports, Bat & Ball
Ives2020Bhutan Becomes Latest Asian Nation to Dial Back Anti-Gay LawsThe NY TimesArticleLinkSexual & Romantic OrientationNationality & Native LanguageGeneral Public, IndustryYes
Sulcas2020Black Ballerina, Playing a Swan, Says She Was Told to Color Her SkinThe NY TimesArticleLinkIndustryGeneral, Performance Arts, Dance
Miller2020Female Workers Could Take Another Pandemic Hit: To Their RetirementsThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral Public, Industry
So and Wezerek2020Just How White Is the Book Industry?The NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackIndustryHumanities, Language, English
Allies & Safe Zones2015When a Friend Comes OutFL State Uni.Infographic / HandoutLinkSexual & Romantic OrientationGeneral Public, Academia
Graham et al.2020Marine Science Laboratory Alliance Center of ExcellenceDIRECTO's 3rd Ann. Uni.-Wide Symposium on Div. & Inclusion in Res. & Teach.PosterGeneralIndustrySTEM, Science, Ecology, Biology
Krusemark et al.2020#Cultural Appropriation: What Twitter Tells Us About How People View Cultural AppropriationDIRECTO’s 3rd Ann. Uni.-Wide Symposium on Div. & Inclusion in Res. & Teach.PosterGeneralGeneral Public
Lee2020A Cross Section Between Race and Gender in Telework: Are There Disparities in Diversity and Inclusion Policy?DIRECTO’s 3rd Ann. Uni.-Wide Symposium on Div. & Inclusion in Res. & Teach.PosterGeneralFemaleIndustry
Posselt and Miller2018Practicing Equity in Graduate Admissions2018 Inclusive Grad. Ed. Network Natl. MeetingPowerPointLinkGeneralFemaleLow-Income, Parental EducationAcademia
Williamsn.d.Identifying and Addressing Subtle Biases in the Workplace: MicroaggressionsAm. Assoc. of Phys. Teachers 2019 Winter MeetingPowerPointLinkGeneralIndustry
Benoit2020Prioritizing diversity in in-vitro models for basic SARS-CoV-2 researchDIRECTO's 3rd Ann. Uni.-Wide Symposium on Div. & Inclusion in Res. & Teach.PosterGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, IndigenousAcademiaSTEM, Science, Biology, CMB, Medicine
Gill2019Investigating diversity in paleontologyHigher Ed. Network Ann. Meeting with Div. in Geosci., UKPowerPointLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, MultiracialFemaleSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityYesParental EducationYesAcademiaSTEM, Science, Biology, Anthropology, EOAS
Karcher et al.2020Promoting Diversity in 2-year STEM Faculty: A Regional Change ModelDIRECTO’s 3rd Ann. Uni.-Wide Symposium on Div. & Inclusion in Res. & Teach.PosterGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, MultiracialAcademia
Booth2018Competitive behavior in economics: How different are men and women?Aus. Gender Econ. Workshop (AGEW) 2018PowerPointLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Economics
Ginther2018Why Do Women Leave Computer Science and Information Technology Jobs?Aus. Gender Econ. Workshop (AGEW) 2018PowerPointLinkFemaleIndustrySTEM, Tech, CSGeneral, IT
Grosjean and Khattar2018It’s Raining Men! Hallelujah? The Long-Run Consequences of Male-Biased Sex RatiosAus. Gender Econ. Workshop (AGEW) 2018PowerPointLinkFemaleMarital StatusIndustryGeneral, Economics
Risse2018How do differences in men’s and women’s personality profiles affect their job promotion prospects?Aus. Gender Econ. Workshop (AGEW) 2018PowerPointLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Economics
Stevenson2018The underrepresentation of women in economicsAus. Gender Econ. Workshop (AGEW) 2018PowerPointLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Economics
Cech2013The Veiling of Queerness: Depoliticization and the Experiences of LGBT Engineers120th ASEE Ann. Conference & Expo.ProceedingsSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityIndustrySTEM, Engineering
Ekoniak2013Engineering Culture and LGBTQ Engineers’ Use of Social Change Strategies43rd Ann. Frontiers in Ed. (FIE) ConferenceProceedingsSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Engineering
Trenshaw et al.2013Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Students in Engineering: Climate and Perceptions43rd Ann. Frontiers in Ed. (FIE) ConferenceProceedingsSexual & Romantic Orientation, Gender IdentityAcademiaSTEM, Engineering
Wu2020Scientific Journals Commit to Diversity but Lack the DataThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, IndigenousFemaleGender IdentityAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Biology, Medicine
Cottle2020Trump Has a Women Problem. These Senators Aren’t HelpingThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleIndustry, General PublicGeneral, Poli Sci
Seeyle2020Marylin Bender Dies at 95; Journalist in a Male-Dominated EraThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Communications
Achimba2020Gay in Nigeria, Black Male in AmericaThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackMaleSexual & Romantic OrientationNationality & Native LanguageGeneral Public, IndustryYes
Sussman2020“Women’s Work” Can No Longer Be Taken for GrantedThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleIndustry
Lakshmi2020Padma Lakshmi: Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Moved Me to TearsThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, Black, AAPIFemaleNationality & Native LanguageGeneral Public, IndustryGeneral, Poli Sci
Anderson2020The Thanksgiving Myth Gets a Deeper Look This YearThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, IndigenousGeneral Public
Johnson2020The Challenge of Black PatriotismThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackGeneral Public
Cook2020Racism Impoverishes the Whole EconomyThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, Black, LatinxFemaleGeneral Public, IndustryGeneral, Economics
Murungi2020Players Have Been Kneeling for Months. Now What?The NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackIndustryGeneral, Sports, Soccer
Rutenberg and Corasaniti2020Republicans Rewrite an Old Playbook on Disenfranchising Black AmericansThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackGeneral Public, IndustryGeneral, Poli Sci
Sperling2020Latinos, Long Dismissed in Hollywood, Push to Make Voices HeardThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, LatinxIndustryGeneral, Visual & MP Arts, Film, Performance Arts, Theatre
Small2020Met Museum Appoints Chief Diversity OfficerThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneralIndustryGeneral, Visual & MP Arts, Art
Tavernise2020A New Political Force Emerges in Georgia: Asian-American VotersThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, AAPIGeneral Public, IndustryGeneral, Poli Sci
Das2020U.S. Soccer and Women’s Stars Reach Deal on Working ConditionsThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Sports, Soccer
Metz and Wakabayashi2020Google Researcher Says She Was Fired Over Paper Highlighting Bias in A.I.The NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackFemaleIndustrySTEM, Tech, CS
Bahr2020Artists Ask MoMA to Remove Philip Johnson’s Name, Citing Racist ViewsThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneralIndustryGeneral, Visual & MP Arts, Art
Cornwell and Glass2020Remote Learning Can Bring Bias Into the HomeThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPISexual & Romantic OrientationK-12 Education, Academia
Longman2020Rights Group Demands End to Sex Testing of Female AthletesThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemale, IntersexIndustryGeneral, Sports, Track & Field
Hershey Jr.2020Walter E. Williams, 84, Dies; Conservative Economist on Black IssuesThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackLow-IncomeIndustryGeneral, Economics
Renkl2020And Play Like a Girl She DidThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleAcademia, IndustryGeneral, Sports, Football & Rugby
Krishna2020Is American Dietetics a White-Bread World? These Dietitians Think SoThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, Indigenous, Middle EasternGender IdentityIndustryMedicine
Goldstein2020Dick Allen, 78, Dies; Baseball Slugger Withstood BigotryThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackIndustryGeneral, Sports, Bat & Ball
Smith2020Champions League Match Is Suspended by Accusation of RacismThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackGeneral, Sports, Soccer
Mather2020The 100-Year Dispute for Jim Thorpe’s Olympic GoldsThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, IndigenousIndustryGeneral, Sports, Track & Field
McClain2020How “The Queen’s Gambit” Started a New Debate About Sexism in ChessThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Games, Chess
Metivier2020Envisioning Higher Education as AntiracistInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, IndigenousAcademia
Barbarin2020I Was Unprepared For 2020Crutches and SpiceArticleLinkGeneral, Black, IndigenousFemaleYesLow-IncomeYesChildless, Children, Marital StatusGeneral Public
Paton2020Pulling Out Your Hair? This Might Be the CauseThe NY TimesArticleLinkYesGeneral Public
Jameson2020I Have M.S. This Is What It’s Like to Be Fed by Other PeopleThe NY TimesArticleLinkYesGeneral Public
Hoang2020How I Came Out About My DisabilityThe NY TimesArticleLinkYesGeneral Public
Heumann and Wodatch2020We’re 20 Percent of America, and We’re Still InvisibleThe NY TimesArticleLinkYesGeneral PublicYes
Eloise2020I’m Autistic. I Didn’t Know Until I Was 27The NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleYesGeneral Public
Kavita Jagoo2020What I’ve Learned About Academic Ableism As A University Employee With Chronic PainHuffPostArticleLinkYesAcademia
Byrne-Haber2019Disability Microaggressions — AKA “Ableist things people say”MediumArticleLinkYesGeneral Public
Stewart and Valian2018Recruiting Diverse and Excellent New FacultyInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkGeneralFemaleAcademia
Chilton2020The Certain Benefits of Cluster HiringInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkAcademia
Parker III2020Do Colleges Need a Chief Diversity Officer?Inside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkAcademia
Robertson2020Mental Health Inclusion Must Start in Higher EdInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkYesAcademia
Willis2020Career Exploration Through the Lens of EquityInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkGeneral, BlackAcademia
Newman2020Incentivizing Faculty DiversityInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPI, IndigenousFemaleAcademia
Alcade and Subramaniam2020Women in Leadership: Challenges and RecommendationsInside Higher Ed.ArticleLinkFemaleAcademia
Guterl2014Diversity in Science: Where are the Data?Sci. Am.ArticleLinkGeneral, Black, Latinx, AAPIFemaleYesNationality & Native LanguageLow-Income, Parental EducationAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science
Fine and Handelsman2012Reviewing Applicants: Research on Bias and AssumptionsWomen in Sci. & Engin. Leadership InstituteInfographic / HandoutLinkGeneral, BlackFemaleAcademia, IndustrySTEM, Science, Engineering
Rice2013How blind auditions help orchestras to eliminate gender biasThe GuardianArticleLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Performance Arts, Music
Einstein1946The Negro QuestionPagaentArticleLinkJanuaryGeneral, Black, JewishGeneral Public
Smith2019Disabled Sex Yes!ScarleteenArticleLinkYesGeneral Public
Sweeney2020A Brief Guide to Consenting with a Nonverbal PartnerScarleteenArticleLinkYesGeneral Public
Corinna2018No. More.ScarleteenArticleLinkGeneral Public
Corinna2020Driver’s Ed for the Sexual Superhighway: Navigating ConsentScarleteenArticleLinkFemale, MaleSexual & Romantic OrientationGeneral Public
Sarran Webster2018Santa Fe High School Shooting Victim Allegedly Rejected Shooting Suspect’s Advances, According to Victim’s ParentsTeen VogueArticleLinkFemaleSexual & Romantic OrientationK-12 Education
Herman2018Teen Dating Violence Is an Indicator of Gun ViolenceTeen VogueArticleLinkFemaleSexual & Romantic OrientationK-12 Education
Pollack2013Why Are There Still So Few Women in Science?The NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleAcademia, Industry, K-12 EducationSTEM, Science, Biology, CMB, Neuro & Physio, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Tech, CS, Engineering, Math
Thorbecke2020As corporate America faces racial reckoning, here’s how experts say change can be madeABC NewsArticleLinkGeneral, BlackIndustryGeneral, Business, Marketing, Finance, AccountingYes
Mather and Stein2020Becky Hammon Becomes First Woman to Serve as Head Coach in N.B.A. GameThe NY TimesArticleLinkFemaleIndustryGeneral, Sports, Basketball
Araton2020K.C. Jones Never Got His Due in Boston. Race Played a PartThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackGeneral, Sports, Basketball
Valji2020With Push on Diversity, N.H.L. Makes Landmark Selection of Black PlayerThe NY TimesArticleLinkGeneral, BlackIndustryGeneral, Sports, Hockey
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